In the stillness of being.

Yoga chitta vritti nirodhah

Yoga frees you from the drama, the tragedy & the saga of your mind & allows you to experience your true self.

Yoga Sutra 1:2-3

Let the mind be so open that there is no edges to it.

Let it expand & soften the shell of the heart.



There are so many ways to worship

& kiss the mystery of life

In awe of its wonders

I tend to pray & bow in humility

A prayer is sacred spoken alchemy

My heart has widened itself

Beyond vulnerability

Infinite rhythms keep me alive


Temple Soul Yoga

Is a free embodied vinyasa flow gracefully aligned with the breath.

The ancient spirit & wisdom of yoga. The yoga sutras. Yama & niyama.

Meditation & pranayama. Our inner wisdom, spirit & dharma.

An unfolding dance. Deep inner listening.

A silence beyond words within the temple of the heart.


In yoga we move from outer awareness to inner awareness.

We withdraw our senses from the outer world & turn inward to meet with our inherent divine nature. In our asana practice we seek to tie our mind to the breath & weave it into the physical posture & beyond. In that way the asana practice becomes a gateway into deeper levels of profound presence & awareness. 

Yoga means union. Union of body, soul & spirit. Our inner true nature & innocence. So yoga is a reunion with that innate inner wisdom we all hold but so many of us seem to have lost touch with. When we return to the genuine pure wisdom & nature of who we are, we are released from the aching burdensome mind so often mingled into our lives. An innermost sacred stillness now emanates from our depths. Divine intimacy. The pure nature of grace, love & serenity.

An edge can be a new beginning

A fall into the abyss can be a fall

Into the presence of God

A new life of mercy

Compassion, forgiveness & love


Yoga is my shelter

My sacred path & sadhana

Hiding in the shade of a yogic life

I find a sacred legacy now known to be

My unfolding destiny


I am all & yet nothing

Breathing life into being

Through my bare existence

An inner stillness dwells

Upon the altar of my heart

This is where you find me

In a mystical world of beyond

Inseparable from silence

Perfection in asana is achieved when the effort to perform it becomes effortless & the infinite being within is reached.

Pantajali ॐ

 Earth is home & so is infinity.

Copyright © Luna Lone

Temple Soul ✩ 2022