The heart of existence is longing for you to return home.

We came in silence. Humble hearts of innocence held by threads of eternal love. Since the early morning of ancient days love has dwelled within our blood. We came to remember. Silently we breathe and heal our way back into the sacred heart of all life.

Time has come to build temples not only in the world but in our hearts as well.

A temple can be build anywhere love is present. In the outer world or within the heart. In nature or in a humble corner of your home. The temple of the heart is omnipresent. Emanating from the sacred source of light. If you allow. Allow the taste of divine presence to soak you with the sacred water of life.

Temple Soul is a shrine of love. Anchored within the heart, A temple vision and home of the soul. A sacred space for you to be and nurture the seeds of wisdom calling forth your inner essence naturally and free. 

Let the magic happen.

Temple Soul 

The vision of Temple Soul is to explore the ancient temple wisdom of heart. Infuse love into our lives & uncover the hidden mystery of the soul. A brave venture into our fragile depths. Innate golden hearts. Silence, sky & nature. Moon dust & the virtue of art.

Yoga, wisdom & art.

Temple Soul is a sanctuary of yoga and meditation. Healing & initiation. Soul poetry and art. Temple wisdom and sacred mysteries of the heart.

I write my soul into life. In the blog Letters from my Soul I share scattered pieces of my soul bestowed path. Rising from the murky mud to the lotus of light. The echo of trauma healed and woven into art. Raw naked wisdom and moon letters of love. Spiritual rhythms of the heart while counting the stars.

Altar of the heart.

There are so many ways to kneel and kiss the mystery of life. Upon the altar of the heart, in the silent depths of our spirit, we find the true pearls of love meant to be embodied and unfolded as beacons of light.    

Our only purpose is love. An art of devotion. Ancient memories. Divine promises. Tender reflections of the moon and the sheer true nature of an omnipresent God. 

We are the sacred memory forgotten upon Earth. Invisible treads of love are woven into our blood. Below the stars upon the golden fields of love, the Moon makes us remember ab intimate taste of God. We are walking prayers, in circles we dance. Silent echoes of wisdom make us hum our gentle song. Rising from the ashes like a spark that was never gone. Memories of our beloved and the temple to which we belong. A sacred hidden mystery buried within our hearts and so far beyond.

Only love & innocence.

There are moments in life when the heart bursts open into its raw uncovered nature. The veil of illusion fades and we realise, that the story played before our eyes is just a reflection of our own inner landscape.

If we want to change the story, we must change ourselves. We must cultivate the soil of our inner landscape and gently remove the weeds, that no longer serve us. We must dig deep into the dirty depths of raw beauty and reveal the mystery of who, we truly are. In light as well as in darkness.

If we allow ourselves to taste the depths of life within our hearts and look beyond the stories and dark murky soil, we find only love and pure innocence. A magical sense of life and magnificence. 

Real spirituality shall come from the temples of great souls who are day & night in ecstasy of God.


Ancient memories of temple wisdom is hidden within the stillness of the sacred heart. Golden patterns of light. A tender touch, an inner kiss anchored in the spirit of love. The illuminated sweetness of God.

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