Practice until all you remember is love.


1:1 session

Yoga & meditation sadhana.

Temple Soul invites you into the sacred mysteries of the heart and beyond.

The invitation is an initiation into sadhana, a dedicated spiritual practice of yoga and meditation.

The aim is to invoke the spirit of your divine nature, your inner light and sacred temple of your heart.

We will touch upon the eight limbs of yoga, the yoga sutras and yoga philosophy.

You will discover your own true yogi nature and the infinity of your soul, life and existence.

You hold the sacred web of life inside of you. Imprints of love and reverence. In a dedicated yoga and meditation practice you will lean into the pristine stillness of your heart. You will purify the body and soften the edges of your mind. You will explore the threads of wisdom woven into your soul and spirit. It is a brave venture into sacred space, a silence beyond the savage mind and the impermanence of the body.

We initiate the session with a deepening conversation to shed light upon whatever is touching you at the moment. My hope is to make you feel met and nurtured by the practice. Every step is taken at your pace. I have seen all corners of the human soul and trust me, no blame nor shame is needed. I only see an innocent call for love and a longing to be met as who you are.

Yoga is always an invitation to touch upon your inner wisdom and medicine. A portal to spirit, your inner temple and altar of the heart. Your body is not just physical. It is a field of prana and pranic energy that illuminates your inherent life force and radiance.

I offer a free clarity call or mail exchange before the session to shed light upon your intention and wish for the practice. The session to come will therefore be perfectly tailored to you. A sacred space and sanctuary for you to explore the true nature of your spirit.

Feel free. I am here for you.

Let the magic happen.


We are here to ripen the depths of our hearts.

Be in touch

Let the magic happen ♡


Your heart is longing for you to return home.



The yogic breath is the vehicle of consciousness

& a subtle thread in between body & spirit.


Temple Soul

Tempel of the Heart ♡

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